I'm Ashley, a painter and writer living in Omaha, Nebraska. I grew up in Rock Island, IL, and earned a B.A. in English from Northern Illinois University before spending many years teaching high school English and working with college readiness programs. 

Art and writing have always been passions and I started my painting business part-time while teaching, before leaving that career to stay home with my boys. As they've entered school, I have re-centered on my work and begun painting and writing full-time. 

The Work

In both areas, I focus on everyday objects and ideas. I am interested in the way that we work with our surroundings, finding a sense of place in both nature and in everyday environments. In painting, I work predominantly with watercolor and acrylic, painting landscapes, florals, and abstract pieces that explore these ideas of place. It's a natural link to my writing, which is largely poetry that deals with common ideas- loss, motherhood, solitude - and the landscapes that frame those emotions.

Other Things

When not painting, I'm hanging out with my husband, Brad, and boys, Ren and Miles. I might be doing laundry, but hopefully not. I love hiking (particularly places with lots of water, lush green, and pine trees), discovering new music, and wandering through thrift stores and galleries. Insert a cup of coffee with all of the above. 

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